Peter at Five Years Old

20151121Sara WeberPhotography1

Five year old Peter (Photo by Sara Weber Photography)

Peter turned five in August, just a week before starting kindergarten. Our family celebrated on his actual birthday at Chuck E Cheese, and the next weekend we continued with an overnight trip to Disneyland (finally experienced the new Paint the Night parade and the new fireworks show). His birthday gifts included a scooter, a soccer ball, a hopping ball, a remote control quadcopter, a new CD player, and the Frozen soundtrack.

Earlier today I was reading through my blog post about Peter at age four, and he seems so much more grown up now! While he still has the joie de vivre that I wrote about in that post, and can still be very quiet and get lost in his own world, two big differences are that he doesn’t nap anymore, and he plays with Benjamin a lot more. He started resisting his nap about halfway through the summer, and since school was only a few weeks away, we just let him stop cold turkey. Now, on the days that he and Benjamin are at home in the afternoon, they either play video games together or go in the backyard together and hang out during “quiet time” (They would be the first to tell you that I’m serious business about not waking Madeleine up from her nap!). Over the summer, Peter developed his video game skills. He keeps up with his brother pretty well on games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Joyride Turbo. He also likes Just Dance and Lego: Harry Potter.

It’s been a few months since his birthday, and Peter is settling in to kindergarten – having fun, making friends, and making progress with his sight words, writing, and math skills. The boys’ school is one of the few that is still holding on to half day kindergarten. While the mid-morning start time makes it difficult to run errands or otherwise be productive, Madeleine and I enjoy having Peter home with us for a leisurely breakfast and play time. The two of them have really bonded due to this extra one on one time – it’s so sweet to see them interact. Some mornings we end up going to the Y or running to Target for a few things, but mostly we just stay home for the couple of hours between Benjamin’s early drop off and Peter’s later drop off.

The weird start time means that Peter has to eat what we’ve dubbed his “early, early lunch.” He usually eats at 10:15, and we drop him off around 10:45. Brad and I finally stopped buying hot dogs and Lunchables after seeing so many articles about how awful they are for you. Now, we have a small rotation of lunch items that Peter enjoys: soup, tuna salad, black bean and cheese taquitos, smoothies, cheesy eggs, etc. One funny highlight of our morning is finding out what the letter of the day is on Sesame Street. All three of us like the catchy song that introduces the segment, and we all guess what the letter will be (and Madeleine and I dance around – Peter is too busy eating his lunch), before it is finally revealed.

Some of Peter’s favorite things:

  • Candy – Our handsome Captain America was thrilled with all the goodies he received for Halloween, both while trick-or-treating and at the several fall festivals we attended.
  • Soccer – He enjoys playing at the park with Brad and Benjamin, and at the Y.
  • Chef’s class – Another class the boys take at the Y is Junior Chefs. Peter’s eyes always light up when I tell him it’s chefs class day.
  • Thai food – We were surprised when he started loving Thai food, but he is always the first to vote for it when we are deciding what to order for delivery. All around, he’s a much more adventurous eater than he was a year ago.
  • Pajamas – The boy loves to be comfy and cozy, just like his mom!
  • Playdates He is our social boy – loves to be in the middle of a group of friends having fun!
  • Getting out of the House – While Benjamin would be happy to stay home most of the time, Peter is always asking where we are going, what we are doing. His favorite destinations are exciting ones like the beach or Disneyland, but he’s also happy with the mall, a restaurant, Target…

So, that’s our Peter at five years old. I can’t believe how much he has changed in the past year. He has left behind his chubby-faced toddler days, and is turning into a tall, skinny, rambunctious boy.


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