Madeleine at Two Years Old

Madeleine Two Years Old

Madeleine’s 2nd Birthday

Madeleine turned two way back in March. The past several months have been so much fun with her, and she is such a joy to our family.

On her birthday in March, I described her on Facebook as follows: These days she loves kittens, princess dresses, the Little Mermaid, saying “NO WAY!” (very dramatically), and dancing any time she hears a song with soul or a catchy beat. She is full of sweetness and has us all charmed!”

Some of her interests and sayings have changed since then, but the spunk and charm are still going strong.


The main memories I want to preserve of Madeleine’s toddler phase are the cute/funny/sweet things that she says on a regular basis. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  •  “I miss you, Mom.” – This sweet girl wishes she could be with me all day every day, so any time we have to part ways (the gym, church nursery, etc.), she runs to me and says in a disappointed tone, “I miss you, Mom.” And when we meet up again, she runs toward me shouting “Mom! Mom!” with such excitement, and then says in the same tone, “I missed you, Mom.” I’m not the only one she misses. When Brad goes on a work trip, and when the boys are at school, she frequently tells me she misses them.
  • “I fall upstairs.” – This is her go to phrase any time she gets hurt, whether it was on the stairs, outside, in the kitchen, etc. It basically means “I hurt myself.” She has taken a few tumbles down the stairs, but thankfully she was more scared than hurt on those occasions.
  • “My Mickey house toothbrush!” – Mickey Mouse has been a favorite character of Madeleine’s for the past year. She has a stuffed Mickey that stays in her crib, and a toothbrush in the bathroom, and before she could say Mickey, she used to call it “Mees-ka.” Then it became Mickey house, which is what she usually still says.
  • “You here, Mom?” – If I’ve been away from her for a while (to run an errand, or otherwise out of the house without her), she gets somewhat unsettled, so when I return, she wants to be assured that I’m there to stay. She’ll repeatedly come up to me and ask,”You here, Mom? You here now, Mom?”
  • Scary poo – Somehow this became the name for anything that’s scaring Madeleine in the house. Not sure if it’s an off shoot of Winnie the Pooh or what. But if she’s spooked, Scary Poo is sure to be in the middle of the conversation.
  • “I did it!!” – Her exuberant exclamation for any successful attempt at a challenging task (using the potty, taking off a shirt, going down the slide, etc.)
  • “It’s a long day, Mom.” “All done long days, Mom.” – We recently took a 17 hour, two day road trip to Cleveland, Ohio. When we started the trip, I warned Madeleine that it was going to be a long day in the car. From that moment on on the road, her favorite phrase for times that she was feeling restless was “Long day, Mom.” She would say it in such a sad, resigned tone. Poor girl. But she traveled great. Now that we’ve been home a couple of weeks, she will sometimes remember that road trip when we are driving around town, and when she does, she says in a hopeful and relieved voice, “All done long days, Mom?”
  • “I like your pretty dress, Mom!” – She is full of compliments and kind words. “Oh, Mom! I like your sparkly shirt!” “Oh, Mom! I like your new shoes!””Hey, Mom. You look nice!”
  • “I eat Benjamin crunch.” – I sometimes call Benjamin “cinnamon Bennamin,” so when she took a liking to cinnamon crunch cereal, she started calling it Benjamin crunch!)
  • All things frozen become Let It Go. “I eat Let It Go peas, mom.” Other favorites are Let It Go yogurt squeezers, Let It Go raspberries. She also calls her Frozen-themed clothing and accessories Let It Go shoes and dresses.
  • “No WAY!” – She doesn’t say this one as much any more, but she used to exclaim it with gusto several times a day.
  • Daddy C – My mom’s grandma name is Mama C. My dad is grandad. Madeleine is the first of their grandchildren to come up with her own hybrid of their two names. She started calling him Daddy C this summer.
  • “My waffle pop UP!” – You may have noticed by now that Madeleine is enthusiastic about almost everything, from getting her diaper changed, to going to the park, and even to something as routine as her waffle popping up in the toaster. When she hears that tell tale sound of the toaster popping up, she exclaims, “My waffle pop UP!” with the sort of jubilation you would expect for the arrival of a special guest to the house, or ice cream after dinner. This girl exudes positivity!

Bedtime Routine

Madeleine usually goes down for a nap around 1, and to bed around 8. She often tells me she’s ready to go to sleep. “Put me at bed, Mom.” “My ribbon my bed.” When she lays down, she expects to see kitty, dolly, and Mickey in her crib. She also likes to hold the pink ribbon that is at one corner of her favorite blanket. (A few months ago, she wanted to hold two head bands as she drifted off to sleep, and sometimes she would put one on just for fun.) After she has those items, a couple sips of water, a hug, a kiss, and some tickles on her arms and back, she’s ready to go to sleep. I hope things stay simple when she moves into a big girl bed.


  •  Snacks – Goldfish, pea crisps, apple sauce squeezers, yogurt squeezers, nuts
  • Meals – spaghetti, mac n cheese, cheeseburgers
  • Songs – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Alphabet Song,” “Let It Go.”
  • Books – “Cool Dog, School Dog” (I read this to her before bed every day for about a month!) Any Disney princess books, “Good Night, Moon” (she likes to find the mouse on each page)
  • Movies – She was in a big Disney princess phase in the fall and spring, with favorites being The Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, and Snow White. Then she got interested in Pinocchio. Since we moved to Dallas a few months ago and the boys were out of school for summer, she’s been watching more movies on Netflix with them. Her most recent favorites were Hotel Transylvania 2 and Home.
  • Shows – Super Why, Sophia the First
  • Apps – Mickey Mouse Color Play, Interactive “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” Interactive “Wheels on the Bus.” (How crazy is it that a two year old has the ability to easily navigate an iPhone and a Kindle Fire? Different world we are living in.)

Sibling Interaction – Madeleine loves her big brothers so much, and they help out a lot with her these days. They will get her out of her crib when she wakes up, get her a snack, push her on the swing, and most importantly, include her in their games. We call her “gamer baby” when they hand her an xBox controller and she pretends to play video games with them. She is thrilled when she can play in the sprinkler or with the water hose with them. She also loves playing chase around the house with Peter.

The Curls – Madeleine’s perfectly spiraled curls turn a lot of heads, and we are flattered by all the compliments about our sweet girl and her gold-kissed head of curls. She likes to be wild and free, so any time I try to put a head band or barrette in her hair, she immediately takes it off. The boys both lost their curls when they were about four. I’m hoping hers are here to stay!

The Wardrobe – She is much more of a girly girl than I ever was. She has a particular love for sparkly shoes, so we’ve bought her a couple of pairs. She also prefers wearing dresses more than shirts with pants/shorts. Despite her love of all things frilly and shiny, she also has fun dressing up in the boys’ clothes. Spiderman swimwear, tiger pajamas, etc. She appreciates comfy loungewear. Most afternoons she wears a comfy t-shirt for her nap. Smart girl!

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve covered enough ground to paint a good picture of our two year old Madeleine Claire. We still have six months and a few days of her toddler phase, and I’ll be soaking up every hug, giggle, and snuggle that I can.



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